She orders breakfast in her dinner jacket. No matter where the sun rises or whether she is coming from a night out or her lover's apartment, she has the same nonchalant attitude.

She is confident, daring and a little curious. She is eternally playful but always elegant. Unapologetically feminine, she is mysterious.

She wears ‘Le Smoking’ in her own way, never knowing where the day or night might take her… She has style.

Meet the RACIL girl


Founded in 2015 by Lebanese designer Racil Chalhoub, London-based brand RACIL tells a continuously evolving story.


Fascinated by the subtle language of tailoring, the designer started with

Les Smokings’; a capsule collection of tuxedos re-imagined in a feminine and versatile way. Giving the iconic attire a modern twist, and adding a flair of coolness to power dressing, it allows the RACIL woman to glide effortlessly from morning to night with confidence and ease.


But Racil believes that a perfect wardrobe is a work in progress.

Fuelled by the designer’s personal style and desires, the brand is flourishing with the seasons, organically evolving into its own lifestyle whilst sensibly attending to the needs and wants of the RACIL woman. 


Designed for the woman of today, the range balances opposite elements such as feminine and masculine, and gives detail the importance it deserves. 

The carefully crafted pieces are timeless, elegant and meant to be cherished for years to come.



‘Elegance is first and foremost an attitude ’

Racil Chalhoub



Racil Chalhoub was born in Beirut and raised in Paris.

It was as a young girl that she first discovered her love of fashion, influenced by the chic city of lights and her mother’s immaculate style. Two of her greatest sources of inspiration.

Her dreams led her to study Fashion Design & Marketing in London, the city she now calls home.


The brand is named RACIL, an ode to the designer’s mother after whom she, herself, is named.



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