RACIL is a love letter to our founder’s rich heritage, her multifaceted muse and her expert craft. 

She believes that signature style begins with a story and wants to help you tell yours with unapologetic confidence. Redefined tailoring, elevated separates and special capsules form a wardrobe of wear-forever, coup de cœur collectables for the modern woman. 

Thoughtful, the collections exude feminine sophistication with a touch of masculine edge, and teeter between the classic and the unexpected. Designed for the minimalistic maximalist, you’ll see the juxtaposition of curated consideration and playfulness on every lapel and in every detail. Cool is elegance undone.  

After a short intermission, RACIL is reborn as continuous body of work. Building upon its core; ‘Les Smokings’ remains timeless and permanent, whilst an authentic cadence of drops comes into play to listen to our lifestyle needs. This is a return to women designing for women; pieces that are as intentional and considered as the woman they’re created for.

Welcome, to the new.


Born in Beirut, raised in Paris, and now calling London home, creative entrepreneur Racil Chalhoub is a multi-hyphenate internationalist. 

She draws on her colourful heritage and history to create and build her brand, originally launched in 2015.

Racil discovered her passion for fashion early in life, inspired by her mother's timeless style and grace. Following her calling, Racil went on to study Fashion & Marketing in London before establishing herself in Beirut where she launched her first venture, a multi brand concept store. 

This experience gave Racil in-depth understanding of the industry and allowed her to closely observe what women really want from their wardrobes. 

Along the journey, she fell in love with the subtle language of tailoring and versatility of the tuxedo. 

The label is named after her mother – RACIL, her forever muse. 

‘You are never under or overdressed in a tuxedo’ - Racil Chalhoub


While we’re craving less, we’re getting more. We exist in an era of excess noise, fleeting trends, and our wardrobes are missing pieces designed for life and longevity. 

At RACIL, quality is paramount as our pieces are designed to be worn repeatedly and loved forever.

Our collections embody consideration, designed to be paired with previous seasons, released in drops that build upon the last. 

We tailor versatile capsules and edits to fit every aspect of a modern woman's life, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, work to play, allowing to buy less and wear more. 

Sustainability at RACIL is a work in progress and our pledge is to instil slow fashion practices whilst working within the industry’s limitations.

While upholding our promise of impeccable quality,  we are dedicated to minimising our social and environmental footprint through reduced waste, increased use of sustainable materials, and smartly managed supply chains. We prioritise noble fabrics, craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices ensuring beautifully products are made with minimal impact.

As a small, diverse team, we are dedicated to evolving our practices and sharing our vision with you.

Welcome to RACIL's pledge to timeless style and conscious consumption.